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List of Finance courses


The Finance 801 – Investment decisions by firms. Value creation, risk and return, pricing models, and financial markets. Financing alternatives, market efficiency, capital budgeting, and leverage and risk relationships. Optimizing firm value. Agency problems and effects on investment and financing decisions.


Finance 851 — Security risk and return concepts. Security analysis and concepts of market efficiency. Emphasis on equity investments. Bonds, options, futures, and international securities.


Finance 852 – Theories concerning domestic and international financial markets and instruments. Effects of risk and maturity on prices. Arrangement of business and portfolio risk and returns with options and futures.


Finance 857 – Security Analysis       Fundamental analysis of individual stocks. Discounted cash flow valuation, relative valuation, and special situations. Portfolio implications.


Finance 860 – Capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, cash management, foreign currency markets and exchange rate risk management. Ethical and tax considerations.


Finance 862 – Financial planning and control using financial theory and management techniques. Applications in international settings. Use of business cases.


Finance 870 – Venture Capital and Private Equity – Financing of entrepreneurial startups, venture capital, and private equity. Valuations of entrepreneurial startups, structuring venture capital, and private equity deals and partnerships.


Finance 878 — Nature, structure and management of commercial banks. Focus on products and services offered, risks, policies, and strategies. Applications in domestic and international settings.


Finance 891A –  A survey of methods from economics and statistics with applications to financial problems.  Topics include the economics of the firm, strategic behavior, regression analysis, decision analysis, simulation, forecasting, and project management.


Finance 891B – Field study of the financial function of the modern firm.  EIC analyses and applied cases integrating capital budgeting, valuation, capital structure, mergers, international issues, working capital management and ethical considerations.


Business Law 891 – The impact of international law on business practices. Government regulation of international business.  Legal issues in international financial decisions.

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