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Naveen Khanna

A.J Pasant Endowed Chair Professor in Finance


• “Stage Financing and Posturing in Venture Capital,” with Richard Mathews, Forthcoming Review of Financial Studies

• “Doing Battle with Short Sellers: The Conflicted Role of Block Holders,” with Rich Mathews, Journal of Financial Economics (2012).
• “Can Herding Improve Investment Decisions?” with Rich Mathews, Rand Journal of Economics (2011).
• “Optimal Debt Contracts and Product Market Competition with Exit and Entry,” with Mark Schroder, Journal of Economic Theory (2010).
• “Good IPOs Drive in Bad: Inelastic Banking Capacity in Hot Markets,” with Tom Noe and Ramana Sonti, Review of Financial Studies (2008).
• “Pricing, Exit, and Location Decisions of Firms: Evidence on the Role of Debt and Operating Efficiency,” with Sheri Tice, Journal of Financial Economics (2005).
Working Papers-
• “Are Most Democracies Temporal? Wealth Creation versus Wealth Appropriation,” with Zsuzsanna Fluck (2012).

Mark Schroder

Philip J. Endowed Professor in Finance

Recent Publications-

• “Monotonicity of the Stochastic Discount Factor and Expected Option Returns” (with Ranadeb Chaudhuri), Review of Financial Studies, 28 (2015), 1462-1505.
• “Linked Recursive Preferences and Optimality” (with Sumit Sinha and Shlomo Levental), Mathematical Finance, forthcoming.
• “A simple proof of functional Itôs lemma for semimartingales with an application” (with Sumit Sinha and Shlomo Levental), Statistics and Probability Letters, 83 (2013), 2019-2026.
• “Optimal Debt Contracts and Product Market Competition with Replacement” (with Naveen Khanna), Journal of Economic Theory, 145 (January 2010) 156-188.


Charles Hadlock

A.J. Pasant Chair in Finance

• “Managers with and without Style: Evidence using Exogenous Variation,” C. Edward Fee, Charles J. Hadolock, Joshua R. Pierce, Review of Financial Studies (2013).
• “Financial Strength and Product Market Competition: Evidence from Asbestos Litigation,” with Ramana Sonti, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2012).
• “New Evidence of Measuring Financial Constraints: Moving Beyond the KZ Index,” with J. Pierce, Review of Financial Studies (2010)
• “Promotions, Turnover, and Performance Evaluation: Evidence from the Careers of Division Managers,” Michael S. Cichello, C Edward Fee, Charles J. Hadlock, Ramana Sonti, The Accounting Review (2009).
• “Investment, Financing Constraints, and Internal Capital Markets: Evidence from the Advertising Expenditures of Multinational Firms,” with C.E. Fee and J. Pierce, Review of Financial Studies (2009).

Geoffrey Booth

Professor of Finance


Zoran Ivković

Professor of Finance

B. Becker, Z. Ivković, and S. Weisbenner, “Local Dividend Clienteles,” Journal of Finance (2011).
• Z. Ivković and S. Weisbenner, “Individual Investor Mutual Fund Flows,” Journal of Financial Economics (2009).
• J. Brown, Z. Ivković, P. Smith, and S. Weisbenner, “Casual Community Efforts and Stock Market Participation,” Journal of Finance (2008).
• Z. Ivković and S. Weisbenner, “Information Diffusion Effects in Individual Investors’ Common Stock Purchases: Covet Thy Neighbors’ Investment Choices,” Review of Financial Studies (2007).
• Z. Ivković, J. Poterba, and S. Weisbenner, “Tax-Motivated Trading by Individual Investors,” American Economic Review (2
Working Papers-
• “Empirical Determinants of Intertemporal Choice,” with J. Brown and S. Weisbenner, Journal of financial Economics.
• “Strategic Performance Allocation in Institutional Asset Management Firms: Behold the Power of Stars and Dominant Clients,” with R. Chaudhuri and C. Trzcinka, Journal of Finance.

Kirt Butler

Associate Professor of Finance

• “Multinational Finances” (2012)
• Michael D. Atchison, Kirt C. Butler, and Richard Simonds, “Nonsynchronous Security Trading and Market Index Correlation,” Journal of Finance (1987).
• Kirt C. Butler and Larry H.P. Lang, “The Forecast Accuracy of Individual Analysts,” Journal of Accounting Research (1991).
• Kirt C. Butler and S.K. Malaikah, “Efficiency and Inefficiency in Thinly Traded Stock Markets: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,” Journal of Banking and Finance (1992).
• Kirt C. Butler and Katushi Okada, “The Relative Contribution of Conditional Mean and Volatility in Bivariate Returns to International Stock Market Indices,” Applied Financial Economics (2009).
• Kirt Butler, Tim O’Brien, and Gwinyai Utete, “A Fresh Look at Cross-Border Valuation and FX Hedging Decisions,” Journal of Applied Finance (2013).


Zsuzsanna Fluck

Associate Professor of Finance

• S. Arcot, Z. Fluck, J. Gaspar, and U. Hege,  “Fund Managers Under Pressure: The Rationale and Determinants of Secondary Buyouts,” Journal of Financial Economics (2014).
• “Optimal Financial Contracting: Control Rights, Incentives and Entrepreneurship,” Strategic Change (2010).
• Z. Fluck, K. John, and Avraham Ravid, “Privatization with Political Constraints and Agency Costs: Auctions versus Private Negotiations,” Journal of Banking and Finance (2007).
• “The Dynamics of Management-Shareholder Conflict,” Review of Financial Studies (1999).
• Z. Fluck and A. Lynch, “Why Firms Merge and then Divest: A Theory of Financial Synergy,” The Journal of Business (1999).
• “Optimal Financial Contracting: Debt versus Outside Equity,” Review of Financial Studies (1998).
Working Papers-
• “Hand in Hand or Hand in Bind? A Theory of Later-Stage Syndication of Venture Capital Investments,” joint with Kedran Garrison and Stewart Myers.
• “Where Does the Money Come From? An Empirical Investigation of Small Entrepreneurial Enterprises,” joint with Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey Rosen.


Andrei Simonov

Associate Professor of Finance

• “On the Real Effects of Bank Bailout: Micro-Evidence from Japan,” with M. Giannetti, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (2013).
• “Alliances and Corporate Governance,” with Andriy Bodnaruk and Massimo Massa, Journal of Financial Economics (2013).
• “Do Small Shareholders Count?” with M. Massa and E. Kandal, Journal of Financial Economics (2011).
• “Is College a Focal Point of Investors Life,” with M. Massa, Review of Finance (2011).
• “Investment Banks as Insiders and the Market for Corporate Control,” with Andriy Bodnaruk and M. Massa, Review of Financial Studies (2009).


Xing Huang

Assistant Professor of Finance

Working Papers-
• “Thinking Outside the Borders: Investors’ Inattention to Foreign Operations,” Review of Financial Studies.
• “Mark Twain’s Cat: Industry Investment Experience, Categorical Thinking and Stock Selection,” Journal of Finance.
• “Which Risk Factors Matter to Investors? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows,” with Brad Barber and Terrance Odean.
• “Rushing into American Dream? House Prices, Timing and Homeownership, and Adjustment of Consumer Credit,” with Sumit Agarwal, Luojia Hu, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking.

Miriam Schwartz-Ziv

Assistant Professor of Finance

• “What Do Boards Really Do? Evidence from the Minutes of Board Meetings,” with Michael S. Weisbach, Journal of Financial Econometrics (2013)
Working Papers-
• “Does the Gender of Directors Matter?”


Hayong Yun

Assistant Professor of Finance

• “Are Mutual Funds Sitting Ducks?” with Sophie Shive, Journal of Financial Economics (2013).
• “Risk Management and Firm Value: Evidence from Weather Derivatives,” with Francesco Perez-Gonzalez, Journal of Finance (2013).
• “The Choice of Corporate Liquidity and Corporate Governance,” Review of Financial Studies (2009).
• “Negative Hedging: Performance Sensitive Debt and CEOs’ Equity Incentives,” with Alexei Tchistyi and David Yermack, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2011).
• “Matching Bankruptcy Laws to Legal Environments,” with Kenneth Ayotte, Journal of Law Economics and Organization (2009).

Working Papers-
• “Liquidity Backstop, Corporate Borrowings, and Real Effects,” with Pengjie Gao, Journal of Finance (2012).
• “Household Production and Asset Prices,” with Zhi Da and Wei Yang, Management Science.


Mark Johnson

Professor of Practice in Finance


• “Stock Price Reaction to Data Breaches,” M. Johnson, M. Kang and T. Lawson, Journal of Finance Issues, Forthcoming 2017

• “An End User Perspective: The Impact of FSMA on Restaurants,” M. Johnson, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 2017

• “Federal Tax Law Trumps Indian Canon: Implications for the Gaming Industry,” M. Johnson and M. Johnson, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 2016, 57(4): 434-441.

• “Macroeconomic Variables and Hotel Performance: Good and Bad News,” A. J. Singh, S. Kim, M. Johnson and R. Mandelbaum: Winner Second Best Paper Award ICHRIE Research Reports Competition 2016, ICHRIE Research Reports, June 2016. 1-14.

• “The Impact of the Food Safety and Modernization Act on Firm Value,” M. Johnson and T. Lawson, Agricultural Finance Review, 2016, 76(2): 233-245.

• “The Impact of Authorization of the Travel Promotion Act on Hotel Firm Stock Returns,” M. Johnson, A.J. Singh and Q. Ma, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 2015, 56(1): 29-40.

• “Internet Gaming: Valuation Concerns for the Industry,” M. Johnson, A.J. Singh and Y. Zhou: Winner ICHRIE National Conference Best Paper Award Finance Track 2015, Journal of Hospitality Financial Management, 2015, 23(1): 25-44.


Sophia Zhengzi Li

Assistant Professor of Finance

• “Jump Tails, Extreme Dependencies and the Distribution of Stock Returns,” with Tim Bollerslev and Viktor Todorov, Journal of Econometrics (2013).
Work in Progress-
• Dissection the Temporal Variation in Aggregate Stock Market Volitility,” with Tim Bollerslev and Ben Bingzhi Zhao, Journal of Econometrics (2013).
• “Improved Intraday Volume Profile Forecasting for Algorithmic Trading,” with Kathryn Zhao.

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