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Here’s a list of employers who will be on-campus interviewing or holding events in the near future – check with the Lear Center for more details (employer interviews will take place at the Lear Center unless otherwise noted):

(none this week)




Looking for a job while finishing your degree?  If so, there are two types of jobs for you to consider: Internships and Full-time Employment.


Groupe de jeunes adultes en formation commerciale

What exactly is an intern, and what can he or she do for a company?  At it’s basic level, an internship is a way for you to gain practical experience.  As a college student, it’s a good way for you to “test drive” a potential career path.  It’s also a great opportunity to show a potential employer what you can do.  In this way, internships often lead to offers of full time employment, either after graduating or even while finishing your degree.

It used to be that interns spent much of their time making coffee or stuffing paper in files…but times have changed.  Most companies have come to recognize the benefits of having their interns do very meaningful, and often challenging work.  So don’t expect an easy ride as an intern, but do expect to learn and contribute, and potentially kick-start the type of career you’ve been dreaming of!

Click on the video below for more tips on how to make an internship work for you!


For more information on internships in general, the Lear Center has great resources at your disposal.


Conversations with Alumni

Career Conversation: Asset Management with Michael Schrauben, MERS

Eli Broad College of Business Accounting alumnus and Michigan Employee’s Retirement System of Michigan Senior Investment Office Michael Schrauben talks about his history at the Broad College of Business and his career pathway in the investment world.


Lear Center News

Handshake is now online!  This is an outstanding new resource to help connect you to potential employers, and help prepare you for a career after you graduate.  We’ll help you navigate this outstanding tool to find a land a job that will launch you down the path to the career of your dreams!


Building Your Resume

Getting your foot in the door can be the biggest challenge your job search faces.  Your resume is an important key to opening the door – whetting the hiring managers’ appetite to want to learn more about you, finding out if your skill set and experience matches what they’re looking for.  But as a college student or recent grad, you probably don’t have a lot of relevant experience yet.  That’s ok, you’ve got something your competition doesn’t have – a Michigan State education!  We’ll help you build your resume to stand out among the crowd and help you get to the next level – The Interview.

A good place to start would be with the Lear Center’s resume resources, which will include their upcoming Spring Workshop.  You can find the dates for the Workshop on the News You Can Use page as they are announced by the Lear Center.

The Lear Center also holds resume workshops every Wednesday from 12:00-12:45 through the end of the Spring semester, and offers walk-in resume guidance at the following times:

Monday & Thursday: 9am-12pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 1-4pm
Friday: 1-3pm

Building a resume as a college student can be challenging – you won’t have as much content as you will later in your career.  But you can build a very useful resume that will help you land the job or internship you’re looking for, which focuses on the information employers are looking for the most.  Here are  few examples to help get you started:

Resume Sample 1          Resume Sample 2

Here are a few links to other resources on the Web for building successful resumes:


The Job Search


Some students wait too long to start preparing for their careers; some even wait until after graduation. But we would like you to identify a career path as soon as you can, preferably as early as your sophomore year.  Again, a good place to get started is the Lear Center, which has outstanding resources to get your search on track.  But finding a job often means taking a”shotgun” approach, or trying many different methods at once, with the expectation that one or more of these efforts will pay off in spades.



While you will want to visit a number of websites as you launch your job search, LinkedIn should be one of the first places you should go.  If you haven’t done so already, create a LinkedIn profile.  Click the logo above to get started.  Many employers exclusively post job openings as well as solicit candidates on LinkedIn, and it’s an excellent method of networking as well.  You’ll be surprised how many of your fellow students are already there!  Add as many people as you know to your contact list – including your professors! A strong LinkedIn profile can be a huge asset in attracting future employers.


You’ll find more helpful job search tips from the Lear Center by clicking the video below:



The Interview


Ok, you made it past the front door – the company is interested in you and wants to meet with you.  Now that you’re through the door, a good interview will help keep you inside.

Being as prepared as possible is the key to success in just about everything in life, and a job interview is no exception.  The Lear Center is a great resource in helping you be as prepared as possible for the interview process.

Here’s a link to some very useful interview tips geared specifically towards college students.


Didn’t get the job?

It’s a hard fact of life that you’re not going to get every job you apply or interview for.  Rejection is a part of everybody’s career, no matter how talented or smart you are.  The best actors and actresses in Hollywood, and the best writers on the planet have all been turned down at one point, in fact many points, in their career.

Finding a job, and keeping your career moving forward, is a matter of determination and perseverance.   Check out the video below if you’ve recently been turned down for a job you really wanted, and maybe even thought was yours:


Eli Broad College of Business

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